Internship Opportunities at Bryan Farrish Promotion (Note: The pictures below are not our actual interns or office... but they look the part even with the old computers).

The main requirement of an internship is that you currently live in the Los Angeles area. We have plenty of internships available, so there is no need to pre-apply before you move here.

Internships work like this: You are directed to see one of our staff. If both of you decide that you would be suited for an internship, then this person will become your supervisor.

Office work: Lots of contacting musicians! Also, searching music and radio reference sites; searching for info on prospective clients.

Here are the highlights of internships at Bryan Farrish Promotion...

• Available year round.

• Hours are very flexible: At least 10 hours per week, anytime from 7am to 7pm, and even Saturdays are available.

• Days are very flexible: Choose from one or more days per week.

• Full training is provided. Even if you have no skills, we will find something that you can be trained for. And you will not easily forget what you learn.

• When you are done interning, you can automatically be a full-commission salesperson (minimum 20 hours per week) if you want! And we sometimes hire our interns for hourly work too.

• Internships are for 80 total hours. But, you may stay as long as you wish.

• Full resume' credit is provided; college credit is provided too, if needed.

• Many times, our interns are hired by other companies in Los stores, labels, music publications, booking agencies, marketing companies, radio stations, venues, etc. Many artist-type companies in Los Angeles know who we are, as well as some in the PR/book/film world, which helps a lot when you apply with them.

• As opposed to the internships you may get at major companies, our internships put you right into the actual work. While major companies will have you just sorting papers and getting coffee, we will have you contacting artists, small labels, or public speakers, book authors, and topic experts (all by email, while also getting to see their websites,) as well as possibly researching venue or radio station personnel.

• Articles on airplay are available here...

• Articles on radio PR are available here...

• No resume' is needed, since internships are for those who want to learn... not those who have already learned.

• Internships are unpaid. You do, however, get occaisional CDs, t-shirts, gig passes, and other items.

To apply for an internship in the Santa Monica office (music and PR), email "job", and then put the "at" sign, and then put "", or call 310-998-8305 and leave a message telling us a little about you, and what you would like to learn.