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After 17 years of music radio airplay and talk radio interview promotion, Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion is now offering Booking-Promotion. We are thus the only firm to handle both radio promotion and booking-promotion.

We are not an agency, listings service, or talent management however, and there is one big difference between us and booking agencies: We take zero commissions. That's right, zero commissions. You get 100% of what the venue pays, and you get it paid direct to you by the venue the night of the show (in most cases).

Instead of taking commissions, we instead price our booking-promotion similar to our radio airplay campaigns. In fact, airplay and booking-promotion campaigns work very well together: Commercial regular rotation radio stations (with listeners) want to know when you will be gigging in their town, and venues want to know what commercial regular rotation radio stations are playing you! Also, both types of promotion use our same staff promoters.

Our booking-promotion campaigns give you tremendous flexibility and control over your gig/performance schedule that you could never achieve with a regular commission-based booking agency.

For detailed booking-promotion information, along with campaign pricing, send a request with "Info" in the subject to


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