Syndicated Radio

Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion is a radio-only publicity firm. Since we concentrate on radio, we don't have to spend any time trying for interviews in magazines, newspapers, TV, or on the web. Since radio does not need printed press releases like the print press does, almost 100% of our time is spent talking to radio stations.

We focus on radio publicity because it is the area most neglected by standard PR firms. Standard firms may do well with print, and expensive firms may do well with TV, but radio is always a leftover item for them, that is, if they do it at all. This is due to:

o There are just too many radio stations to deal with (10 times more than TV stations.)

o Even within a single radio station, each host may handle his/her own booking of guests. He/she may also only be at the station for a short part of the day.

o Radio doesn't respond well to press releases; they like phone calls.

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