Retail Promotion

Retail foot traffic... that's what it's all about. Do you have a product that you want to get on retail store shelves locally, regionally, or nationally in the United States? Bryan Farrish's team will do the promotional contacting of targeted retail stores that is required to make this happen.

You probably have already tried to make some retail contacts on your own, and have seen how much work it really is. Or maybe you already have a person/team in place to do this. But no matter what level you are currently at with your retail contacts, there is always the next level up that you want to get to. And when you add up the hundreds of stores you need to contact every week, even in just a single town, and then you multiply this by the weeks and months you must continue the contacting process, you begin to see that it takes a dedicated effort to make it happen, and this effort might be beyond what you can currently do on your own.

That's where Bryan Farrish comes in. We've been doing nothing but promotion work since 1998, and it's all we want to do. If it requires phone calls to make it happen, we can do it. We specialize in reaching large numbers of potential U.S. accounts by phone, repeatedly, and of course we add-in emails and faxes when needed. The number, region, and type of retail accounts that we contact is decided by you ahead of time, and then we go to work. There are several different levels of retail promotion campaigns available, based on what you are trying to accomplish:

The highest level, sometimes called a "turnkey" retail promotion, is where the goal is to get your product onto store shelves while at the same time have media promotions and possibly also street promotions occurring to drive people into those same stores. Turnkey promotions are usually best for initial product launches, because the extra consumer push is what it takes to get the product into the better (busier) retail accounts.

An "On The Shelf" promotion is similar to a Turnkey promotion, but is just the retail-only portion without the media or street. The goal with On The Shelf promotion is to get the product onto the shelves of stores, plain and simple. This is the goal of most product makers and distributors, most of the time.

An "In The System" promotion is a campaign where the goal is to get the stores to carry your product in an as-ordered manner, so that you are "in their system". This is where stores agree to show customers information about your product, and when a customer wants to purchase, the store then makes the purchase from you. "In the system" campaigns are easier and quicker than "on the shelf" campaigns because you are not asking stores to take up any of their physical shelf space. Yet, customers can still see your product information when they are in the stores, so you still get the exposure to the retail traffic. The level of product information that is presented to customers, and how it is presented, is decided by you ahead of time. "In the system" promotions work best when higher-priced or physically-large products must be made available to a large retail consumer base in a short time.

Next you have an "Initial Promotion" campaign, where the goal is just to get your marketing started so that your own promotion team can take over afterwards. The initial promotion can be geared towards turnkey, on-the shelf, or in-the-system, but a much larger set of contacts are made and cultivated, and are then turned over to you for completion by your staff. Since we don't have to spend the extra time to bring the accounts to completion, we can instead contact a far greater number of accounts in a particular area, or contact accounts in a much larger geographical area. An "initial promotion" campaign is best for new product makers who are staffing up but are not at the required level yet to be able to do the appropriate work. Your staff will be handed retail accounts that have been contacted, apprised of your product, warmed up, and who may even be close to signing a deal.

Lastly there is a "Prospecting" campaign. This is where we spend all our time making a huge number of single contacts, similar to a traditional telemarketing campaign. The goal here is to make sure the stores are still there, and to see if they still carry products similar to yours, and lastly to ask who the contact person would be that would handle the purchasing. It's the same first-contacting that we do on all other campaigns, but since we only have to make one contact, we can cover huge numbers of stores over very large areas. "Prospecting" campaigns are best for product makers who are developing a new product and who need to see what the current state of retail is for it.

RETAIL AGREEMENTS: Your goal as a product manufacturer or distributor is to sell as much product as possible. However you don't want to bypass retail interest at a smaller levels, as long as it gets you going in the proper direction. By choosing the proper level of agreement that each store makes with you, you can make the most saturation of your product based on it's particular cost, size, availability, etc. For example:

Quantity Purchases, Without Returns: This level of retail agreement is where the store must purchase a minimum quantity of product from you, with no returns due to unsold product. This agreement is best for lower cost, higher demand products.

Quantity Purchases, With Returns: This agreement is where the store must purchase a minimum quantity of product from you, but can return any unsold product for a refund after a certain amount of time.

Sample Purchase, Without Returns: This agreement only requires the purchase of one item (which is considered a sample), which cannot be returned to you if it is not sold.

Sample Purchase, With Returns: This agreement allows the return to you and refund of the unsold item after a period of time.

Consignment, With Returns: This allows a store to put your product on the shelf without actually buying the product from you. If one or more of the products sell, the store then pays you for them, usually at the same time that they make a request for more product. If the products do not sell for a certain period of time, the store returns the product to you or allows you to pick it up. Consignment is good for products which "have to be seen to be appreciated", or for when you need to get a product on as many shelves as possible in the shortest amount of time, no matter what.

Consignment, Without Returns: This version of consignment allows the store to keep the items if they do not sell. Stores prefer this version since shipping product back to you requires time and energy.

TYPES AND LOCATIONS OF STORES: You of course want to get your product on the best shelves of the busiest stores possible. However you don't want to pass up stores that are almost as good, or almost as busy. There are 2,690,000 retail stores in the U.S., so you get to choose the size, type, and location of stores to promote your product to. For example:

There are 316,000 stores in California, and 9,400 stores in Rhode Island.

There are 14,700 stores in the U.S that carry building materials and hardware.

There are 21,300 home furniture/furnishing stores in Texas.

There are 239 places that sell alcohol in Utah.

There are 4,133 food stores in Florida that have between 5 and 9 employees.

There are 274 florists in the six states of New England with a sales volume between $500,000 and $1,000,000.

There are 1,009 used car dealers in the six South Eastern states.

There are 1,984 party supply stores in the U.S. with at least 10 employees.

There are 35 pet stores in the Los Angeles beach cities with zip codes of 90272, 90025, 90405, 90291, 90066, 90293, 90045, 90245, 90266, 90277 and 90503.

P.O.P. OPTIONS: If you have interest in POP (point of purchase) promotional options, whereby you pay stores for better shelves, end caps, special displays, front counters, etc, we can handle this for you on a case-by-case basis, taking in to consideration your budget and what each store is offering.

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