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Once you have built up a stable of small stations carrying your program, you can begin to use them for financial gain. Here are some of the ways...

Charge guests to be on your show. This works best when you choose an interesting guest who is still building his/her awareness, or, if that guest has something they would like to sell. (If you try to choose a guest that is too built-up, then they will not be willing to pay. And if they are stars, they will want you to pay them.) The nice part about charging guests is that you can start doing it immediately...almost from day one.

Another thing you can do (again, almost from day one), is sell things of yours that pertain to your show. Newsletters, buttons, posters, books, shirts, etc, can all be sold directly from your show from day one.

Next you can sell advertising in your show. Starting with small businesses that need a little push, you start out just trying to cover some of your costs. As your number (and size) of stations increases, you go after bigger advertisers which could start to bring you a profit.

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